A pile of trash

Maybe that’s this universe. A pile of trash. The reality here is like a goulash soup, dense in some places, where the meat lies. Opaque, dark, with unknown things floating on it. Maybe the Yellow Earth is the mass shadow of our earth, but the Green Moon another planet, brought here from an upper reality. Maybe we’re lucky, and our Earth is lying (was lying?) on a ground state of some kind of multiverse. In my picture, what I feel now, what surrounds me, is composed of eigenvectors of some kind of ideal dimension set. That is to say:  img47

The reality is one. How many world-wave-functions you experience in a place is undefined. How big are them also not. There you have it, I just explained the local non-euclidean geometries I became a victim of.

I roll to my left, and stand up. It’s time to move. I’m hungry and thirsty. The ground around is formed by something that looks like compost made of fruit peels, fish bones, dead leaves and old furnitures. I wonder how frequently the trash arrives, and from where. Does it come all from Earth? Close to me, I see a half-buried broken chair. A little further, a cupboard. A bed. I think I saw a similar scene on a movie in my childhood, something about a labyrinth. The landscape is not distracting my stomach, unfortunately, that chooses this enlightenment moment to call again for attention. The smell that comes from all the land is sweet, and suddenly I remember again another movie from my childhood, where the Moon was made of cheese. Will that be the case? Tentatively, I hop to reach a big white stone, 50 meters away from my landing point. The short fight on low gravity makes me feel more hungry. I pinch it, and as expected, it’s just a rock. And probably I will also not find rivers of wine here.

But I need food and water. After that, I must find a Transporter, and over it, I may manage to come back to the Yellow Earth. Either that, or I find around a tunnel back. Another question is, how could I detect one?


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A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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