A privileged view

“Let’s go now to the terrace.” We are both dressed, and it is time for me to move on planning. “I want to check something.”

“After you, my dear Jesse. This is your home.”

I walk to the balcony. In principle, you don’t need to experience a zooming view. It’s something that needs to be called somehow, by voluntarily focus on a detail. I know that from yesterday. So if you don’t focus, the view is the usual. The problem is, it’s hard not to focus. But I’m not here for that. I look to the sky. The green moon is there, with its hanging appendix. I try to focus there, and its irregular,bulky disk grows immediately to the point I’m able to distinguish between the appendix that hangs from the moon to the City and the roots of it. I focus more. Some creatures seem to crawl up and down the appendix, with different loads over them. The Transporters. Then I look back to Machiko. “Did you see them? The Transporters?”

She’s having a weird smile. “Jesse, did you think already about my proposal?”

“Which proposal?” She comes closer. I’ll be trapped in a corner of the balcony.

“You know which one. I proposed you to stay here with me. We can come back to the life we had on Earth, 5 years ago. It will be perfect.”

“55 years ago. Or more.” I correct her. There’s something on her that is waking up my sense of danger.

“Do you know what I do with the complicated clients, my love? ” The last word was definitely an irony, wasn’t? “I found out another use for this terrace. You can use it as a quick transport system. You know, I’m not a doctor in Particle Physics, but from the first day I had an explanation for this phenomena. I think there’s some kind of field between here and there ” she points to the moon ” that creates pipes that allow us to see things that just happened at the other side of the pipe. But they don’t only transport light.”

“What do you mean?” Now, if I need to leave the terrace, I need to pass over her.

“It means, if you throw something in that pipe, you see it disappearing at high speed..and that is not always what you want, or is it?”

And with a feline move, she pushes me out. Out of the terrace, out of the building, out of the city, and soon, out of the planet. But I will fade before arriving. Actually, I fade now.


About bitsanddragons

A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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