Why would you come back. Here you have a lot of empty space, a clean and new environment, abundance of food, if you care to find it, and people helping each other. The pioneers wonderland, you could call it. There is a simple reason I would come back: this place is not home. The colors are too bright sometimes, you feel slightly heavier all the time, and then you have things like the zooming terrace of Machiko.

Where does this leaves me? I left the system, in the search of something better. I could create a family, here, with Machiko, but despite I like her offer, I’m not going to settle before I have answered all my questions. And that means travelling, until finding out how to connect this me and the one I left on Earth. And maybe finding out how this world moves in the meantime. So my goals for the next days, or months, are clear: I need to solve the riddle of the history of this place, and find out, if possible, and not in this order, why the things are like they are, where are the original builders of the City, and how can I safely return back home, wherever I decide it is, at the end of my quest.


About bitsanddragons

A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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