Ohayo!” Machiko smiles. She looks indeed still almost like a schoolgirl, with her slender body and no sign of ageing on her face. The orientals always had that weird way of getting old, like if they decide to freeze in a certain age, let’s say, 30, and after that they stay the same…until they collapse completely to become a dried grape, like us. “Would you like something for breakfast? Maybe a miso soup?”

“Machiko, didn’t you never asked yourself how it is that you can find a lot of Earth products on your local shop?”

“Not really. If the people come, why not the goods?” A good and simple argument. Because the economy is not based on charity. “Besides, I’m not sure these things are real. How can I prove that this soy is not something completely different, but with the same properties?” She puts me over the table a trade with a cup of coffee, a couple of fried eggs and a toast. “Now you need to ask me from which animal are these eggs coming from.”

“From which animal are these eggs coming from?”  She laughs before answering. “Who cares? They taste like the ones I remember from my home town! If they come from a giant spider, or a dinosaur, I really don’t mind. They are tasty and they are cheap enough.” She starts drinking her soup. I look at her, naked but with the pants she doesn’t look like an influencer. Suddenly she raises her eyes to look at me. “So did you think about my proposal? I could use somebody like you here, sometimes the situation can be tricky and I’m not quick enough to handle them.” Yesterday, after making love, she proposed me to share this place, to come back living together. I didn’t answer. And I will not.

“It’s OK. It was long time ago that you dumped me. And now you come here, looking for me, and looking like if you survived to a nuclear holocaust…that you did. Don’t misunderstand me, you look great. You look so great that I can’t believe you’re almost a hundred years old. Which reminds me you didn’t explain me the thing with the time… and this place…” I devour the eggs. Indeed they taste great. I need to tell her something, if I don’t want to start a war here.

“You know how I am with the technicalities. So please do not get frustrated if, after my explanation, I can’t answer your questions.” She smiles. “It’s OK. You will do it great, don’t worry.” My turn to smile for the sexual joke. “Do you remember the cartoon pictures of the Earth and the Solar System?” She nods. “Good, so let’s imagine that the Ecliptic, the plane where or the planets of the Solar System lay, it’s a two-dimensional sheet instead of a four-dimensional one. Got it? Then imagine that our Solar System sheet has, somehow, another one above it and another one below it, for example. And that these other sheets are other subsets of dimensions and physical laws, that coexist in a high-level Anti-de-Sitter eleven-dimensional space. ” She looks at me with a strange face, doubting if to laugh or to throw me her miso soup. “Then, one day, something -we don’t know what was it- triggers some kind of phase transition, where the set of dimensions that were separated start to merge in a new one. The problem is, we will have matter, a property that is space-dependent, from different system sheets, occupying the same space at the same time. What is happening to that matter then? In our case, it coalesces in a mixture of two subsets of matter, one from one set of 4 dimensions, the other one in another set. ” She starts to dress. Am I boring? Probably, but she asked. “As a result, what we have now, is a 11-dimensional planet, with several time axes. And we live in a 4D subset of it, but we seem to be able to walk from one subset of 4 dimensions to the other, no problem.” I dress also. Maybe I could take a shower, but I didn’t see her doing so, so I don’t even know if that thing exists here. I continue, then, “We have a second problem. We don’t know the physical laws of the other subsets. Starting with the speed of light. Also, we don’t know how extensive they are. In the System, we have learnt thanks to our scientist and explorers that not all the edges bring you to the City, and very importantly, that the edges, these risks between matter regions, work only on one direction. So if you fall here, to come back to the Earth subset, you need to find an edge in the City to fall though it.”

“And why would you do that, I mean, come back? There you have a wasted land, if I understood properly! A wasted land with a small, civilized area. Here you have everything you need in principle, and the buildings are ready to be occupied, like if somebody left them yesterday.”

“Yes indeed. Why would you want to do that?”


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