Still here

Yes, I’m alive. Sometimes I seriously doubt about it, but then I have a look to my mailbox and I change my mind. Why is that, is because to be in hell can’t be worse than this, and I’m not definitely in heaven. That is, assuming I’m christian, that I’m not. I also think about other possibilities: if I’m in a simulation, it’s a very bad one. I mean, are they trying to evolve us or something? Are we pokemons of 15-dimensional intelligent beings? And if I’m a dream, I am definitely a nightmare. Where did I leave the intensity and the risk, that sensation of being alive, of doing something nobody else did before? Is it this job I’m currently having?

Or maybe it’s just about time to have a crisis. Anyway, I will survive. I’m a very bad pessimistic person, also.



About bitsanddragons

A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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