Alicia is a mistery for me. I mean, I used to be able to put people into invisible cathegories, like this is a good communicator, this is a natural born leader, this is a liar. To do that proven to be handy. I’m not as ambitious as to think I met all the possible types of people, but my system worked quite well, untilt I met her.

She is, sometimes, behaving like a soft leader. A soft leader are those that work well on directing people when they are in small groups, but not on big ones. We, Alicia, Marta, and me, are a small group, the smallest you can call that way, a trio, and we are doing what she wants. She wants to go for a walk, there we go. She wants to get more sangria, there we are, filling our jars. Then she’s introvert. When you ask why she does this or that, she crumbles and hide herself into a shell, not even looking you back. Like the liars do, but I doubt she’s a liar, it’s more like she has some kind of secret that she wants to show us, or show me. When I asked why the walk, she didn’t aswer for a while, maybe evaulating if it was worthing to answer something. We anyway followed her. Then she said something cryptic, like “I wanted to see the moon illuminating the road”. Thefore, despite of the soft leader skills, I think so far the cathegory that matches her better is the heavy dreamer. Like I am.

Heavy dreamers are damn good companions on every moment except when you need to face the reality. Fortunately, we don’t need to do that here.


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