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Still here

Yes, I’m alive. Sometimes I seriously doubt about it, but then I have a look to my mailbox and I change my mind. Why is that, is because to be in hell can’t be worse than this, and I’m not … Continue reading

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I have a lot of ideas. Really. The problem is, I don’t have time to unfold then. I have this one of the eternal city, some low-tech version of Trantor from Asimov’s Foundation serie. I have this one that is … Continue reading

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I got this drone that can record HD video. It allows you also to stream VR video… unfortunately it doesn’t come with a handy powerful enough to cope with it. Anyway, I’m not so sure I want to go beyond … Continue reading

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Slurm user cheatsheet

It’s time to compile the knowledge acquire after running our SLURM cluster for several months. I will dump here the information we have so far. I know it’s available everywhere, but in principle, I want to have my own version … Continue reading

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Marta and Alicia

Marta and Alicia obviously knew each other before coming here. There’s this intimacy that I can’t break. But they seem to be both confortable with me. After a rather varied questioning about my view of life, they seem to relax, … Continue reading

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Kubernetes, kubernetes

Now that we have our cluster more or less running with slurm (although the configuration tuning is not clear, and it will be discussed in another post) it’s time to play with it. Reading about what you can do with … Continue reading

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System X from Lenovo

We have a new bunch of these guys at home. They are really gorgeous machines: you can get a GPU server + data together for a handful of thousands, excluding the price of the GPU, the RAM, and the hard … Continue reading

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