The fire (II)

We we walk back to the fire we do it hand by hand. There the things changed: the dancers are gone, the scene still looks like a Goya paint, but a different one. The main group seems to hear a speaker, that stands in the middle, close to the fire. The speaker move his arms in an exaggerated way. It’s a story of some kind, probably a comedy. But I don’t pay attention to him. We stand in the shadows, close to the barrel of sangria. I’m thinking about how I’m going to reach the next level with Marta. And what am I going to do the rest of the camping time, that will be around a week. I know these people don’t respect so much the traditional concept of couples. Despite there are couples, like that one over there, it does not seem to be the rule. Maybe is that it’s too early, or maybe it’s that they are already in their tents. Am I ready to commit, even for a week? What if tomorrow I meet her?

I can also take a radical approach, and let it be. That is, do not think about it. I heard it works, but personally I can barely separate sex and love. Around the fire, another speaker started to gesticulate. Definitely, it’s some kind of play. I look to Marta. As I said, she’s like 10 centimeters smaller than me, but I like that. The difference in size allowed me to peer through her shirt, and get interested. But what does she wants? She seems to be an educated girl, but nowadays, that does mean that she probably understand other’s points of view, nothing else. For me, an education means you are not only able to respect other’s views, but you can also share their thoughts. Of course, you don’t need education for that, but an education helps, since it’s forcing you to get into positions you never heard about before, and learn them. Slowly, I move my hand from her hip to her breast. She caress the hand a little, and then she moves it down, without looking at me.

“Hey, there you are!”  Marta moves out of my grip and goes to pick a shadow, that she brings. She was therefore not attending to the play, but looking for somebody. I was completely cheated. “This is Alicia” she introduces me. They come hand by hand, that is, Alicia seems to occupy the place I was having up to now. Alicia is smaller than Marta, so like 20 cm smaller than me, blonde, pretty and thin. They both match, somehow. Her hair is short cut, and she dresses in some kind of leggings and a lousy blouse. “Nice to meet you” I manage to murmur. And now I’m Je, unless I do something to avoid it. But I do not. I smile and say “Hello Alicia. What brings you here? “


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