Marta smiles to me. Her smile is big, and sincere. “You’re back” she says. “Good, I was starting to be bored of waiting.” I dare to answer. “Where’s Je?”. “Forget about Je. ” she whispers slowly, caressing my cheek. I tremble. That was exactly what I wanted to hear. She averts her eyes and continues “He’s after all an adult, he’ll find out his way back. Tell me about your plans. Do you have a tent?”. Suddenly I remember. My backpack is somewhere around. There is my tent and my sleeping bag. It’s pretty dark already, and I don’t want to mount a tent in the night, so I wake up over a nest of something. I tell her about. “Don’t worry my boy. I don’t have a tent also. We can get drunken together, speak about the meaning of life and everything and sleep when sun comes!” I smile. She smiles. We kiss, briefly. I pass my arm around her waist.  She grabs my hand. I look at her, but she’s not here, she looks beyond the clearing. “So where do you want to settle? I don’t want to end up smelling to smoke ” Marta seems to correct herself ” nothing about smoking, I’m a social smoker, but the smell is so sticky… don’t you think so? ” We’re embraced but sitting side by side. She keeps caressing my waist. Anyway, it looks like I may have her body but not her mind. ” Yes ” I say. What else can I say? I’ve been completely captured. “How about going back to the fire?” I venture to propose. “Maybe we can join the games!” “Good idea! ” she exclaims. Then she get rid gently of my climbing hand and pull me out of the sitting position gently. I resist, and moan. “Come on!” She says, and pull again. I stop resisting, and the inertia makes me fall over her. But she resist standing. In her arms, I grab gently her butt. She laughs. “Slowly, cowboy! We have all the night to explore each other! “


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A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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