The clearing

At one point I’m not anymore able to hold the pee. I simply leave Marta, and hoping she will be still there when I come back, I go into the woods. I hear water close by. We’re supposed to be close to a stream that we can use to clean ourselves, if needed, and to get water for cooking. Carefully, I try in the dark not to fall in the stream, and I hop from stone to stone to the other side of it. I barely read a sign hanging from the closeby bushes: It’s an arrow reading “toilets”. Another person approaches from the opposite direction. “Hi man” he says. I don’t know him, but I don’t think that’s an issue here. “Hi” I reply.

I reach the toilet clearing. It does not stink, as one could think about. Over the rocks, you have a box with toilet paper, and a shovel, I guess to hide your load, once it is released. Without thinking more about it, I go to the closest stone wall, that seems to go up to the very top of the sky, and I empty my bladder. Oh gosh. I’m much better now. Maybe I will even manage to perform reasonably well with Marta, if the opportunity comes, I think. While thinking about it, I get a little pumped down there. I don’t remember last time I was with a girl. I mean, beyond a kiss. I need to improve that as soon as possible.

Once you know the way, to trace my steps back is quite easy. Soon I see the smoker’s clearing, and Marta, alone, magically illuminated by the moon. Je is nowhere around. As happy as an oyster, I go to the barrel of sangria, pick up two empty glasses, fill them up, and go for her.


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