The calm before the tempest

I want to be positive and think that all the craziness surrounding my life will stop at one point. I’m tired of fighting dragons carrying around heavy weapons. I remember at this moment my friend Ash, who decided to abandon his very prolific career as as software engineer (250K per year), sell his custom-designed leathery Audi and go to the Peruvian forest to practise yoga and transcendental meditation. Now he owns his own meditational center, and squeeze out of money businessmen in help of enlightenment. His smile is bigger. Mine is absent. At least at work.

Work is not all. That is clear. The problem is that sometimes, even if you want to quit, they  don’t let you. The question is why. The answer is not very simple, but I want to think that they like me, despite of all. And that they know I do my job, and I do it reasonably well, where others don’t do it at all. So we will see what I do. The answer, in a week.


About bitsanddragons

A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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