Customer support

– Good morning, I call from $$@%@#. We want to exchange two defective pieces, one fan of your model XXXYYYZZZ and one RAM module of an 65432. 

– Good morning sir. Do you have the warranty of the products available?

– Yes of course. AAABBB111222 and PPPQQQ999888. On the web, they’re listed as next business day service. Can I have the pieces tomorrow?

– Did you try to reboot the machine? What’s the output?

– The output is that the fan works, and that the memory error is gone. But they come back after a short period of heavy load. We have more machines of the same serie, with the same OS, running the same software, and they don’t show the problem.

– If the problem is gone after a reboot, why you want to replace the part?

– I told you before. We have more machines of the same serie and they don’t give us troubles. Same hardware, same software, same load, result in one item in a normal work, in another on the release of clear alarms: the fan and a RAM module.

– It is not so clear for us. We need to perform more tests. Could you please send us a copy of your bios, a core dump, and a 15-page description of the procedure you use to create the problem? One our experts find out what’s really wrong on your machines, we will contact you.

– Isn’t possible to skip the tests and send me the parts? We really know what’s wrong.

-I’m sorry sir, but that’s the procedure. Once we receive the requested documents, a service engineer will contact you as soon as possible. We assigned you the service tag ADSFASFA.

Me calling the Customer Service. I hope I’m wrong, but I must say, if I have a company as big as some of our hardware providers, I take care the customer is not asking for a free replacement of an expensive component that he doesn’t know what it does. On the other hand, if the client is NOT happy, he will either next time not call support or directly choose another company… have a nice day.


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