We were in front of a small wooden door. The number 15, written over china, was hanging over it.  “We should just enter” my wife said. I pull the door and it reveals stairs going down. “It’s underground, it makes it cooler”. The stairs are well illuminated. All looks smooth, there are no raw edges. We reach a spacious living room, the floor covered by tiles, with two big windows that let the light from outside illuminate it. There are three doors and an arabian-style table on the floor.  No chairs are visible, but cushions. “Konichiwaaa?” my wife says. From the door just in front of us, a head appears. “Hello, I didn’t hear you coming” a man in his 50’s says. He brings a tray that he leaves over the small table. An asian woman follows him. She also brings a tray, with colourfully arranged makisushi and small pieces of bread covered by something. Not a bad welcome, if they were not expecting us. The children jump over the food. “Sushiiii!” they shout. My wife greets the woman warmly. “This is my husband”, she introduces us to the man, my wife does the same with me. “How was the trip?” My wife explains how it was in japanese. I have a look around. The man asks me if I like to fish. “Yes” I answer. “Then we should go to the espigon” he says ” the fishes literally jump over it. I nod.

We leave the children playing with the locals. I leave my wife with her friend. We agree on meeting later around the church. “Is it far?” I ask the man. From the living, we took the left corridor, that delivers us to a kind of garage, also lacking sharp edges, where a truck is parked. “No, 10 minutes by foot. But we will need the truck for reaching the town”. A woman comes out of the vehicle. “This is my sister, she will come with us”.

The truck lacks sits. So he drives standing. There are strategically placed handles to grab in case of bumps in the road. Because we have quite some bumps. On the back of the truck, I observe a bunch of boxes, nets and other fishing instruments. “What do you fish?” his sister asks me. I answer that nothing, that I work as a programmer. She looks confused.

We are there. The espigon is connected to a rocky protuberance,  where a big door, like a portal, has been carved. Another vehicle, a very small and odd-looking car, is parked close to our truck. “This way” I’m pulled. I cross the portal and walk through the espigon. The stone is porous, the waves hit it and water passes through the holes, so soon I’m wet. At the end of the espigon, there is a kind of isle, and other people seem so be fishing also. I stay closer to the isthmus. “That’s a good place!” the man says. I go to the bored and look down. In the water, something that resembles a chinese dragon is swimming. I move back. “Don’t worry” the girl says, “he’s the guardian of the island. He will not make you any harm.” I go to the other side of the isthmus. A manta ray uses the opportunity to jump over and fly a little over my head. From side to side, it’s around 2 meters. I can’t avoid to make a noise. My new friends laugh. “I thought you had experience!” the man said. “So maybe it’s better we go alone. You can wait us here” . They both get rid  of their clothes and jump into the sea. From the water, he waves me. “See you later!” I ask him what can I do. “You don’ need to wait us. You can still go to the church by walk. Just follow the signs!”

I do so. The walk is lovely, the village is something very exotic, with houses carved in the porous rock mixed with white buildings. People wave me when they see me, like if I’m an old acquaintance. I’m following the signs with a church drawn on it. They are pointing to the top of the hill, in the center of the village. From here, I can appreciate the gorgeous building, with its square golden roofs and the bell tower. It’s going to be fun to explore this land.


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