The city (III)

I feel like I’m leaving an hotel after paying. I had a satisfying holidays, I tell to myself. I cross the glorious entrance hall while thinking about it, partially daydreaming. The people around me look less realistic than these guys from my memories of the XX century. Why is that? Then I realize the reason, they don’t speak to each other. I try to bump into a nurse. She has the same, lost eyes, of Karen. After my collision, she murmurs something that sounds like an apology, she looks at me for a few seconds, and takes another route. Another android, I tell to myself.

Outside, the weather is great. I admire the skyscrapers, and the blue of the ski. I’m alive. And I’m independent. I have the feeling I should be proud of my achievements. I have no memory of entering the building. I have memory of my house, and of my hobbies. Reading, walking through the park close by. I have no memory of friends. Maybe I don’t have, or maybe they’re already dead and I don’t remember them.

I decide to walk home. It’s 4 Km, my DA says. Not so much, even for a man of my age. I can use the trip to try to find some familiar places, or some nice ones. So I go on, one step after the other, direction South.


About bitsanddragons

A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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