The city (II)

The next room is the reception desk. In front of me, there is a counter, and a blonde woman after it. Wait, this is not a room, but a corridor. I happen to be close to the entrance of it. To my left, there is something resembling a waiting room, with huge windows and comfy chairs, and the elevators. It is empty. Maybe it’s too early to visit anybody. Beyond that, another corridor. I ask the network for the exit of the building, and my Digital Assistant imposes over my view a ghostly arrow pointing to the elevators. Of course. Dr. Rashim is still with me. Now that we stand close to each other, I realize he’s a little bit smaller than me, and quite young. Maybe on his late 30’s. Maybe it’s only that he takes care of his look. Speaking of which. The girl at the counter smiles to me. Her face is oval and perfect. Her eyes are big and blue. She looks very artificial, and she doesn’t seem to react to our presence. Is she maybe an android?

– Karen, please check out the patient of Room 141. – Dr. Rashim speaks to the girl, bringing me back on earth. She nods, and goes under the counter for a moment. She hands him some kind of pad.

– Could you please sign here, doctor? Please feel free to add any remarks you consider important for the administration and the Public Health Office. But don’t worry, as you know, you can add that later. – So the message about the PHO was for me. Her voice sounds very natural. My doctor applies his thumb to the pad.- And can you ask your patient to do the same? – She looks at me, again, smiling in such an artificial way that I start to doubt again she’s human. A shiver runs through my body. Maybe all the people out there are like her, and simply I don’t remember…I take the pad and do the same that my doctor. After applying my thumb in a designated area, I check the info displayed. Everything looks fine for me. I hand it to her. She takes the pad. – Your whole file will be uploaded in the next hour. You can check the status of your case using your DA. – Suddenly she looks troubled.- Sorry doctor, I forgot to ask you, is his DA active? – My doctor nods.- Then have a nice day and thank you for choosing us!

– Have a nice day, Karen. – She smiles again. Maybe she’s somewhere else while there is nobody around. Somewhere in another augmented reality. Maybe she’s at the school at this moment. – Doctor, do we need to do something else, or shall I simply leave?

– You can leave. You have my coordinates, feel free to contact me if you need me…worst case scenario, my DA will pass me the message ASAP. I never disconnect. Except on holidays, of course. – He laughs. I try to do the same also, with irregular success.- Anyway, in the next 24 hours, you will get an appointment for a control session next week. So see you soon!

– See you soon! – I shake his hand, walk out of range, cross the waiting room, and take the elevator down.


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