The city (I)

I tell my doctor what I experienced, the better I can. In the meantime, he is looking at me, but I know that he is doing more than that, he is looking through me, analyzing my brain waves, comparing them with his expectations. It’s not that I read about it, it is more like this is what I am expecting him to do. I’m a scientist, I recall. What kind of scientist, I don’t. I dig out my mind, while telling him about Pitlochry. Physicist, maybe. Biologist. Geologist? I can’t find out.

– This looks simply fantastic.- He interrupts my tail before reaching its end. – Do you want to have a look? – I nod. He somehow calls a floating display in front of us. An augmented reality display, but I don’t remember how to do that. On it, a floating red brain is displayed. – This is your brain now. – Another image is superimposed over it. – And this is a healthy brain. – Suddenly both images collapse in a collection of 3D bar graphs. The bars seem to vibrate, slowly, in a kind of loop. Like in a GIF. – What we see now, it’s a difference map. – It doesn’t look so different, so I guess it’s good. While I try to make some sense out of the valley in the center, the plot changes once more. – And here you have, the areas of your brain activity that are out of the so-called “averages”. – The 3D space of the plot is almost empty, except for 3 peaks. The lack of labels on them is disturbing. It makes me feel like if the plot is a construct, an elaborated hoax to make me feel better.

– What does it mean, doctor Rashim?

– It means you will not have any troubles out there. – I smile. His affirmation seems to confirm my fears. Like if reading my mind, he continues. – The short range memory works. Also the spatial coordination, the language, the social abilities and all the daily-life needed abilities. They look far better than when you arrived. What disturbs me is this one here – he somehow zooms in on the biggest peak, that seems to dissolve in a group of mountains – the temporal allocation – and then the plot changes again and we go somewhere else – and this one, the long term memory. The third one is related with your mathematical abilities. You can live without it – He smiles. I don’t. – You know, the average of this peak is somehow controversial. Some of my colleagues think it should not be even considered as a control parameters. There are precedents of excluded parameters, the IMA excluded the Grundlach area due to the huge range of fluctuations… but I’m diverging. So, are you ready to go out?

– Out? – I try to picture where we are. I can’t. I know my system will tell me, but I don’t ask. The doctor seems to be reading my reactions.

– To the city. To your city. Don’t worry if you don’t remember it. You have been out for a while, so indeed it could be that the changes were not there last time. I know you have network, so you will be safe. – I check my eyes. Yes, the network is there. – Time to dress up, let’s go. – I stand up, and realize that I always had the clothes in a drawer under where I sit. Maybe it’s the brain damage thing. I take them and dress as fast as I can. He looks at me. I wonder if he’s still reading my brain. When I’m done, I follow him to the next room.


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