2050 (I)

– It depends. – My doctor is carefully getting rid of the last bits of his meal. – Nothing is permanent anymore. But I will be happy if after the treatment I don’t see you back in the next 5 years. – So this MR system is like all that I remember from the early XXI century: designed not to last. Programmed obsolescence, I seem to remember it was called. A question mark on the corner of my eye pops up when I murmur both words. The network is offering me to search for it. I discard the search by slowly blinking. – You were saying?

– Programmed Obsolescence. – I say, this time aloud. – I was wondering if the effect doesn’t last by design.- My doctor looks genuinely offended.

– How can you think that of me, man, after all what I do for you? – Then he smiles.- Take it easy, I’m not treating you to steal your pension savings. We’re forced by law not to give you so much hope. Actually I keep in touch with most of my patients. – He murmur for something to the food processor. A glass with something that smells like tea is dispensed. – It’s good for me, and it’s good for the Science. You may not remember, but MR is a relatively new technique to fight against brain damage or brain degeneration, in general. There’s this feeling that it works, but nobody know for how long yet. – He sips his tea, like doubting if to give me the next information. – I have my theory. Strong memories.

– Strong memories?

– Yes. If you have lived memories that were strong enough to leave an impromptu deep enough on your neural tissue, the MR will last longer. People tend to reduce their memories to single images, sometimes to symbols. The MR works like when you try to reconstruct a dream from an image. The stranger or the stronger the image is, the easier will be to recall the whole one. Some colleagues say that you may recover some brain functions also using MR over dreams…but I don’t think so. At least, not in my section.  – He drops the tea glass. Suddenly, I crave for one also. – So, how strong was your memory of the dark tower?


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