2050 (II)

The food printer delivers me a very nice hamburger. I bite it, doubtful, but I don’t feel anything wrong. It does look and it tastes like a big mac.

– Are you ready to tell me how do you feel? – My doctor is eating something different, a wrap-type-of-thing. I heard mini-kebab when he asked for it. We both sip from a plastic glass. My drink is deep blue, cola, his drink is orange.

– Sure. What do you want to know? – I munch my hamburger. God, it tastes so real.

– Well, for us it is important to know if we achieved the goal we wanted before we connected you to the MR system. – MR: memory recovery system. The network displays the definition in my eyes. – You may not remember yet, but your brain is quite deteriorated. You’re on the verge of stop being a rational man, actually. Can I be sincere? – I nod- Speaking about percentages, if this treatment doesn’t work, you have 90% of probabilities of becoming a walking zombie in less than a year, with your motor skills maybe in automatic, but not being able to act and react as a person. The network may help you to move around, but you will not be more than a puppet. – Oddly, I feel fine about it.- What we try now is to force your brain to recover the missing links by bringing your conscience to a previous state and convince your body that you’re really there. By the way, this is the second time I explain this to you – my eyes open wide – since the first one was a complete failure.

– Thanks doctor – I don’t know what else to say. – Alright, about my feelings…I feel young. I know my body is not, but that’s not the point, isnt? – he nods.- I feel a little uncomfortable here, to be sincere, but I don’t feel ill, or something. Just a little out of place.

– This may be due to the time difference. You said your black tower was in 1993, right?  – Yes, I say. – So maybe your brain is still there. Actually I can’t imagine it: a world without internet, not smart, everybody speaking. Everything going very slow. – I smile. – No disrespect here. I’m a professional, I’m just saying the truth, I can’t really imagine it. In the same way you can’t really imagine in enough detail how the Homo Erectus lived when he arrived to Europe. It doesn’t matter how much information you put into it, it will not build up a realistic scenario, not realistic enough.

– I understand. No disrespect. – I don’t know where are we going now. I finish my printed burger. – Let’s say I managed to win your memory game. Its effect, are they permanent?


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A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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