HOWTO find serial numbers

Machines don’t cheat. At least, most of the machines don’t. Lately it looks like they learned to play poker so from there to tell us lies there’s only a conceptual step. So instead of sticking labels that can be removed, that already gave me quite some headaches, I try always to have a software tool to give me the serial number of the computer I need to bookkeep. This is done, for example, from the Windows Command Prompt. Type

wmic bios get serialnumber

to get your hardware information. You can find more info here. On linux, you can install lshw, and grep “serial” like this.

yum install lshw
lshw | grep serial

Be aware you will get all the serial numbers (for example of the GPUs) so maybe it is convenient to run once “lshw” to have a look first. Alternatively, you can use dmidecode (explained here).  For macs, it is pretty easy, so I’m not going to explain it to you. Or am I? OK, I tell you. Click on the apple, and choose “About this mac”. There you have it. Happy? Of course not. We don’t want to press buttons, we need a command line tool. Like this command:

 ioreg -l | grep IOPlatformSerialNumber 
    |   "IOPlatformSerialNumber" = "XXXYYY$$$666"

The way to do it is well known. What you can do with it is not. And that’s it for today. I need to come back home. As usual, I will update this post when I find something else related with this.


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