2050 (III)

– Are you with us? – I slowly take conscious of myself. I am laying on a bed. The bed is partially reclined. I have something complicated wrapped around, strings, stripes, something. Over me, still blurry, a big helmet of some kind. The light is soft, but it comes from everywhere. – Raise your left hand, please, if you’re with us .- I do so. It feels heavy. Maybe I wear some kind of glove. – Now the right one.- I  do as asked. – We’re going to completely remove the heavy equipment now. I know you feel disoriented. You’ve been in your memories for almost 24 hours, so you must be hungry also. Food is on its way. Do you have questions?

– Yes. Where am I?

– The Dream Institute. You don’t remember it?

– Last thing I remember is the dark tower. 1993.

– Good. Because that is one of the reference points you gave us. So did you reach it?

– Not yet. Should I? – I incorporate myself. My eyes start to focus. Probably I have some kind of mechanical lenses. I don’t remember having then, but it feels like that. I try to call the network. A light blink on the corner of my left eye. I’m online. The man in front of me is dressed like a doctor. I ask the network about him. I don’t know very well how, by the way. The letters floating at his side read Dr. Hiram Rashim, MD. There is also a logo, that I can’t identify but I guess is from the institution we are now. He looks at me and smiles. I wonder if he can detect what I’m doing, since I don’t remember a lot, actually. I just do it.

–  I see you’re connected. Excelent. Do you remember who we are and why you’re here? – I’m tempted to ask the network, but obviously that’s not the idea.

– No, sorry. It looks like I remember a few things, like how to connect, but the rest is unclear. Is it bad? – Dr. Rashim comes closer to me, to help me get rid of the stripes.

– In principle yes. But a lot of dreamers are logically disoriented when they come back. – He smiles. His teeth are perfect, like his haircut. Maybe he’s a robot or something? – Right. So before we have a proper debriefing, I want to tell you that I’m very happy of any progress you do, independently of how big it is. Damaged memory can not be recovered in one day, or even in a week. And sometimes, simply the patient doesn’t want to remember. Ignorance is bliss, that they say. – The cables and stripes I’m removing are retracting themselves, like snakes. I wear some kind of full-body suit, where the snakes were connected. Suddenly some kind of door opens at the back of Dr. Rashim.

– Doctor? The food arrived. – Another man, this one blonde, comes into the room carrying an awfully complicated trolley. I ask the network. A food printer.

– Super. Please leave it here. So what do you want for lunch?


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