The black tower (I)

– Excuse me Sir – the guy at the other side of the window was looking really desperate. I was using the last light of the day to read my recently purchased book on the circular balcony of the youth hostel. In fact, the hostel was already closed. Which explains the insistency of the man. I look at the clock, 10:30 PM, and I look to the man, that has black hair and what you could call a “student” look. Hesitating, I partially open the window. – Can you please let me in? – he quickly says. – I have a room already! – he shows me a key that I know as a proof. – Please, I was  delayed by some friends. – His accent is familiar to me, I could say, he’s from Madrid or Valencia. Which explains without any doubt the reason of his delay.

– How can I do that? – I ask. He tells me.

– Just go to the front door, and open it. It’s not locked from inside. – I do as suggested, and soon the yougster is in. – Thanks a lot! You know, how difficult it can be to arrive here in time. – The hostel was upon a hill. It was taking like 10 minutes to walk to the center of the village, but that kind of planning is already very big depending on the person. – My name is Fernando. I’m 20 years old and I come from Madrid. – After such a dumb introduction I doubt if to reveal my real name and origin, but finally I do. – Thanks again for letting me in. I’m looking for a permanent room to stay, but it’s not yet settled. That’s why in the meantime I stay here. – Like me, I could say. – Do you want something to drink? Wine, beer? I have both. – I accept the second.

– So nice you were here. – He repeats again. We cling the bottles. We sit where I was sitting. The sun is finally gone, and we switched on one of the small and cute lamps in a close table. – The agency that brought me here didn’t expect me to arrive so early, or something like that. So I was forced to stay here. But they close the doors before the pub! And the pub closes quite early. At 10. – I nod. – How do you like Pitlochry? Do you work somewhere? Because you don’t look like a golf player. – I laugh.

– Yes I found a job. At the Old Smithe. It’s not the best, but they treat me well, and the payment is not bad. People are nice, and you get big tips! The problem is, I don’t have accommodation also.

– Yes I know. It’s so fucking difficult to find something here. This village is so small…I’ll tell you what: since you helped me, as soon as I get accommodation on the hotel I work, I’ll make you space, OK?

– You don’t need to. After all, we just met!

– Don’t worry man. Friends are for that, aren’t them? Besides, if you don’t open me up, I could have ended tonight in jail, and tomorrow deported! If not frozen right there! – He does a sudden movement with his hand, pointing to the outside esplanade around the balcony, and a little bit of his beer is dropped around. Also, he increased the volume of his voice. Concerned, I look around, but still it looks like we are alone.

– Don’t be so extreme. They like us. We are their future.

– I’m not their future. I want my own future! This is just a training, after this, I will come back to Madrid and start a Master on Finances. And in 5 years, I will be coming back here just to play golf!

– You bet it! – I say. Dreams are free. I look at the wall clock. – But now, we need to go to bed, or at least, I need to go to bed. Tomorrow I have a morning shift. – I hesitate to ask, but I’m human, after all. And my friends here are gone, or lost. – So shall we meet tomorrow afternoon here, maybe?

– Yes, sure! I’ll pass by as soon as I’m free. At around 6 PM? – I nod. – 6 PM them. Good night and thanks again!


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