OSX and Mac tips

macSorry but I have no better title for this post. I wanted to compile (and get rid?) of all the knowledge I gathered 😀 on the last 5 years working with macs. I need to start saying that, before my current work, I was a hardcore windows user, but a linux programmer. Meaning I was using Windows at home, and Linux for programming.

Those were ol good times. Now this distinction doesn’t make sense anymore. We can have a real ubuntu shell on Windows 10 and so I have (still testing). But I must say when I got my first mac (a MacBook Pro) I was gladly surprised of its shell. You can even enable a root user, so that you can work in your shell in a more comfortable way. As a root, you can set the hostname, computername and bonjour name via the command line.

I don’t want to speak about programming on a mac. That may be the subject of a (far future) post. I want to comment how I did (how you can do) certain things on a mac.

It’s not anymore so useful, but the knowledge is there. Why would you like to know how to create a bootable installer for Mac OSX? Very simple: sometimes you don’t have internet around. Or I could say you didn’t have. So it’s nice to know you can store your Mac OS also on a pendrive. Apparently it’s not always so easy, so, here you have the HOWTO for Mavericks.   And here you have the procedure for Yosemite.

One of the annoyances of the macs is the obsolescence.  You can’t update forever. You can try, as it is described on this post, to install Mavericks on a MacPro 2.1, but personally, I gave up and installed first Scientific Linux 7, then CentOS 7. And I’m happy with the result. Speaking about, you may wonder if it is possible to downgrade your OSX to a previous version. Apparently, it is not. Therefore, it’s not a bad idea, if you have a screwdriver, always to remove the old hard disk and install the system on a new one. Then you just need to migrate from the old disk to the new one. I recommend, by the way, to clean the disk before a migration. Otherwise, the migration can take up to 24 hours.

The problem with OSX, for me, is that it’s no more trustable. I’m not the only one saying this, and there are people moving to Windows because of that (not so many). There are fixes, like this for connecting on Mavericks to an SMB drive, but the average user doesn’t want to fight with fixes.

I still need to put my hands on a new MacBook Pro. I will keep you updated with more mac tips when available. Have a nice weekend!


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