In the night (II)

I’m not a native English speaker. Far from that, I still need to go to the dictionary to find the meaning of some slang, not to speak about the dialects. But I myself am coming from a region with its own dialect, so I understand the feeling of rejection or incomprehension because of the way you speak. So first time I arrived to Scotland, I carefully tried to blend with the locals, forgetting the way you should speak British English.

I partially managed. I actually acted as an interpreter for my friend, who didn’t know or didn’t care about those subtleties. After a short presentation and a beer invitation, he was fully engaged with a girl. I actually didn’t realized until I stopped speaking with her friend and turned my head to him. Which lead me to this philosophical point. To wait or not to wait, that was the question. We are grown adults, I have money, he has money, and he knows where we stay. So I decided to let him enjoy the situation, and take responsibility about the consequences. By the way, the girl is not red-haired.

– Do you think they’re fine? – I asked her friend. The music, loud as hell, masked out my pronunciation. Not that they care, I think, my guess is that what is important from them is that we are not English.

– Don’t worry man. – She comes closer to me, and touches my cheek with her palm, slowly, in a theatrical way. But I don’t react. – I know her, she will take care of your friend.

– I can imagine you know her, but do you know him? – She heads back, like pulled by a spring. She smiles. And she comes closer again. This time she takes my face with both hands, and kiss me in the lips. I feel her warmth. I don’t resist, but also, I don’t reply to it. She is beautiful, but I’m drunken, and I’m not as relaxed as I should, despite of the alcohol. I touch her cheek also.

– I think she knows what she does. The question is, does your friend knows?

– If you want to know the truth, I think he doesn’t care. – She laughs, violently, with the mouth open, moving all her body while doing it. The couple close to us, my friend and her friend, look at us alarmed, then, when they find out it’s us, they come back to the kissing.

– He should. Oh you bastards. Sometimes I really think you come from a fairy land.


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