Looking for a job (III)

Outside it is cold. I zip my jacket and we walk down the hill. Our first stop is the Irish pub closeby, actually, not to drink a pint but to get a hamburger.

– See? Help wanted. – It was true. On the door of the very first place we went, there is this yellow note, with those words big in black, like coming out of a western movie. Help wanted, ask inside. For a moment, I think it is just a prop. Then I remember we are in Scotland. – Shall I ask before we get the hamburger?

– Let’s do it the right way, let’s ask while we get the hamburgers.

The pub could be a clone of the ones in our hometown. But probably is the other way around, the pubs in our hometown are clones of this one. I try to find the differences. The snooker table is on the corner. People are playing there already. So the same. I wonder if they were betting about something. The TV is on, but it is not loud. The beer advertisements I don’t know in general, but there you have the pelican of Guinness. People smoke, but the air is still breathable. A lot of wood everywhere, on the floor, on the tables, on the walls. Very big, painted glass windows. It looks like the difference, more than on the ambience, is on the clients: they don’t look real to me. The man speaking with the bartender, for example. He is probably paid for it. That kind of job is simply not needed in our hometown. The couple on the opposite corner. Both archetypical English students. Then you have the waitress. She’s indian, and of course she speaks perfect English. She comes to us when she sees up standing on the door, without being sure where to go. With a gesture, she directs us to a table, and we use the opportunity to order her two beer and two hamburgers.

– She’s cute, isn’t her? – My friend is obviously single since quite some time already. I broke up not so long ago, but I was never so passionate. I nod. – Can I ask her about the job? And after that, maybe I can ask her out! – He grins, artificially. I’m still a little drunken after the rhum, so I let him go ahead. It’s funny how we can be drunk and don’t care about the future, being strangers in a strange land. Our beers arrive.

– Excuse me. – Here he goes.- I read that you are looking for help?

– Sorry? – She says. – Ah, the “wanted”. – Nice that she got it so quickly. – We have already somebody, sorry man. Although he said he will stay very little around. Will you be here next week?

– Next week? I hope so .- My friend smiled. – What’s the job about?

– Oh, nothing you can’t do. – She smiles. My friend melts, and smiles her back. – The usual: grab those empty glasses, clean this table, kick out that client… do you think you can do it?

– Of course. – Then he adds.- For you, I do whatever you ask me.

– Yes. – She seems to doubt.- Then, everything is fine here? – We both nod. – Please call me if you need something else. Enjoy your beer!


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