Looking for a job (II)

The point is, we don’t have enough money to survive more than one week here. It’s an expensive country, and the only way to enjoy it is to go local. The problem is, how to do that? We read a lot about the Scottish society. I even came here before. I met other travellers/students/bounty hunters in this very city, so I could say I know it. I know we are in a post-industrial city, but being post-industrial, the unemployment rates are three times smaller than in our town. I saw ads on the streets. Wanted this or that. Obviously we could try to find a job using the unemployment office, but after speaking about it, we decided that we didn’t want to wait. Maybe that was a bad decision, since the “waiting time” doesn’t necessary need to match the waiting time we are familiar with, that is, they never call you. Hell, the first job offer I got in my town was for getting a monthly salary that was barely allowing me to pay the public transport from home to the working place. There were, of course, the pluses of the weather, the accommodation, and the language. But enough is enough.

The problem of the accommodation, as I mentioned already, was solved for the moment. The backpack hostel we are happens to be cheap and comfortable, at least in Summer. And the views and surroundings are nice. Long term, we could get a flat. Or we could occupy one of the empty houses we observed on the way here. My previous visit showed me that a Scottish squatter doesn’t need to be dirty, or even punk in any way. People don’t judge others in the same way. Take the tattooed receptionist of our hostel: if I find her on a dark street, I could turn back on my feet and run away in a discreet way. Since our topics are already destroyed, everything is possible: squatter in the night, businessman by day, for example.

Here was then the holiday plan.  On the evenings, like now, we enjoy the nightlife, we try to make friends, we explore. In the mornings, we wander together, and we self-propose ourselves as workers on the places we think are likely to hire people. It’s a win-win, unless we don’t find something. The theory is, in such a dynamic society, it doesn’t matter to work for a week and then quit, it doesn’t matter even to work for a day and then quit. We don’t want to build a pension fund here, we don’t want to buy a house. We just want to pay ourselves the parties here, and the trip back home when the time comes.


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