Looking for a job (I)

– So tell me. What kind of job you would like to get? – We already drunk the half of the bottle. I’m starting to feel it, the warmness on the back of my neck, my tongue, heavy like an old carpet. Instead of speaking, I feel like if the words escape out of my mouth. We have spoken about our common friends, we have exchanged the gossips we didn’t share before. The past has been covered. Now it’s time to face the future, so to say.

– I’d like to work on an hotel. I heard you can get quite some money there! And you have free accommodation. If you’re lucky, they even let you bring guests for free… if the rooms are empty, and if you take care.

– Legends. I can’t believe it. – I don’t want to be optimistic. – If you’re lucky, you will get one job as a hausmeister, cleaning the toilets. – I laugh. – If these people clean the toilets, of course. – We both laugh.

– At least they will pay me better that at home! – Again we both laugh. – Did you work on something before coming here?  – That aspect of the past we didn’t share yet. Actually, I realize, it could be good to cover it before we pass through real interviews.

– I teach kids. – My friend nods, several times. He sips his cuba libre. – Really. It’s a nice job, relaxing, and I really like when they really learn something. – “Aha” he mutters. – The problem is, I will never get a lot of money teaching.

– And you plan to become a millionaire here? Can you please tell me your secret plan? I want to be rich also! – I throw him my best conspiranoidal smile. I do my math. I’m good at math. He looks at me with expectancy. – And? Are you going to tell me or not?

– I’m not going to get rich. But I will make a pile of money. It’s not complicated if you find the right job: here you can make easily full time, up to 3000 pounds per month. I know, it’s a lot of money, but it looks like it’s a standard salary here. And the summer is 3 months. That makes 9000 pounds. Do you know what I could do with that  pile of money?

Buuuuuy mooooore rhum! – He stands up and shouts. We clink our glasses, and laugh aloud. – Yeees, I see the point. I see indeed the point. Basically, you want to come here in Summer, and live back home the rest of the year with the money you get.

– Not exactly – I correct. – But more or less. I will need to continue teaching from time to time, just to fill the holes…

– Now they call it like that? Fill the holes? What a metaphor of life!

– Seriously! – He looks at me with a serious face. But we can’t stand it, and we both burst in tears of joy. – Let’s stop it. How are we going with the rhum? Shall we finish it? – My friend takes the bottle.

– I could say it will be wiiiiise – he prolongs the word in a way that the wise word sound even wiser – to stop here, and go for other drinks, and even some meal. Otherwiiiise – again he prolong the wise –  we will end up with no rhum and no plan!

– Let’s do as you wish, my friend. A wise man has spoken.

– A wise man has spoken, indeed. – He repeats. We laugh.


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