1992 (III)

Checking in was easier than I thought. The place happened to be really huge, and old English manor, with big stairs, and a pleasant kitchen and a living room. And it is looking empty. The person at the counter, having a blue and black randomly-cut hairstyle, several piercings and tattoos, and a partially teared-up t-shirt of an unknown band (so in contrast with the previous hostel) tells us quickly the rules of the house: don’t make noises after 10 PM, don’t leave dirty dishes around, clean your own room, lock your valuables yourself. After showing our passports and declaring ourselves students, we are given the key to our room, that happened to be upstairs. Number 13. We climb the marmor stairs to find it easily: the first one to the left. On the corridor, other 3 doors, number 14 and 15, are close to ours.

This trip was my idea, so I’m the one entitled to open the portal. The room is big.  Although spartan, is having even a balcony from where you could smoke in a comfortable way, staring at the gothic building in front of us, that I guess it’s the University. I check it right away. A couple of old touristic posters “English styled” and the lack of any commodity is remembering us that the place is a student’s residence during the school days. But we even have our own bathroom. My friend takes quickly the bench closer to the door. I take the one closer to the balcony.

– Alright. – He says.- This is very nice indeed! So your first objective has been achieved. We have a place to sleep. Now what?

– Time to enjoy it! Don’t you think so? – He smiles.- Shall we look already for your red-haired girls? – I grin.

–   Well, well. Not so fast. We better examine the area around. Where’s the pub, and these things. First rule of the warrior: know your territory. – It’s my time to nod. –  But first, why don’t you get some glasses and we celebrate our arrival with this? – From his already open luggage, he withdraws a bottle of rhum. It’s 1 PM, but as he said, we need to celebrate. – Could you please go downstairs and grab some cokes? And glasses! And something we could use as an ashtrade, also.

– This is the attitude I like! I think we’re going to be very good friends after this trip. – I grab my wallet and go to the door. I remember I saw a vending machine under the stairs, so a few steps away. Let’s see if I can get rid of some of the English banknotes there. – Yes, I think it’s going to be an amazing summer.



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