The Plan

– So, knowing what you know, what do you suggest we do? – I venture to ask.

– Well, it’s hard to say. – He does the pause that means that he’s no doubt calculating the probabilities, or probing the future. Using his prospective sense. – I’m really upset with you guys. But I could say, it was not your fault, it’s the society you brought with. Seriously speaking, I’m with the revolution, so to say. Burn it all and start again from the ashes! – He laughs loud. I know he’s joking, otherwise, it’s kind of scary.- Let’s be rational. We could, so to say, find a way out. I will start by probing the collective mood. If the conditions are right, little by little, with the help of people like you, in a couple of centuries we can be the most egalitarian society since the greeks…and they had slaves.

– I don’t have two hundred years. – I get the clothes he’s handing me. They of course fit me, since probably they are just printed. I smell the t-shirt. Yes, just printed. The design, not that I care about it, is no doubt a free one. No time to choose, I guess.

– I know. But that’s the best way to go. That’s the way we’ll take. – I throw him an empty can, that hits him in his back. – Auch! I see. Yes. Now, what do we do to achieve that future, while keeping you alive? – I take the camouflage belt. Oddly enough, it does not look like an electronic component. A bird is telling me that the belt is a fake, but I ignore it…I will test it as soon as I can. – You need to  find out the connection between your boss and the people that support him, and the assassinations. You don’t need the reason, jut the connection. After that, I suggest you go to the press, tell the whole story, and get the glory. That’s it. Pretty simple, isn’t it? People will no doubt about it believe you over all, since you’re a Cop, aren’t you?



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