Awake (II)

Despite of the good amout of chemistry amongst us, I was not yet convinced. Anyway, what are my options? I could, I guess, play the good friend until finding out a way to escape, then run away. But run away to where? My boss was probably involved. And the size of it was so big that there was nowhere in the planet I could hide. They could track me, program the cameras to react to any pattern similar to my body shape. That was an ancient technique, proven to work efficiently, if given the right amount of time. It has happened before. I could even remember some examples from my training, how the position of the subject was narrowed to the square meter, then trapped. Of course, you need to program the cameras to do that, leaving all the other tasks aside. But we can afford it, we have the Pioneers looking for the health of our environment, haven’t we?

Could it be possible to interfere with the cameras? I mean, is it possible to have some kind of electronic cloaking device that makes them turn away their lenses? I’m sure it is. And how do I get it?

– Once more, I know what you’re thinking. – My friend interrupts my line of thoughts. – You traditionals are sometimes so predictable. – I will not take that as an offense, after his speech. – You think they will follow you here, and you want to avoid the cameras. Am I right?

– Yes. – I take the opportunity to stand up. My legs are still able to support my weight. My forearm is hot. I look at it, but the bullet wound of course is covered by bandages.

– Then I have the right solution for you. Or I could say solutions. – He goes to the closest table, and takes something that looks like a belt. Then I find out I’m naked. My body is covered with bruises. – This is a black-market item. I don’t know who developed it, but it’s not new. I bought it from a friend of a friend, because I wanted to feel lonely, so to say, for a while. That’s the advantage of being a second-class citizen, that people don’t ask you so many questions, they simply assume you want it for some illegal thing. By the way, in case you ask yourself about it, yes, I tried it, and yes, it worked. You can stand in front of a camera, even take it with your hands, that there will be no record of you. How the magic is done, I can only guess, but my favourite is that the belt access to the RAM of the camera, and send a signal to impose a previous image without you on real time. Or maybe it simply cuts you out. Photoshopped, that the said in the XX century.


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