I want to speak about it. Supposing I can, right now, I don’t know what to tell him. He knew the trouble I was in. He knew my theories about. Shall I assume that he’s not, in any form, connected with my attack? And more important, can I rule out that he’s not trying to find out how much of the plan I know?

I could use additional computing power at this moment. But my private network is off since that encounter. I should have set up some alarms, but I didn’t: people don’t go around killing other people’s electronics. I need, therefore, to rely once more on my memory.

Let’s start gentle. The Pioneers are not mixing up with us, except in certain areas. This means, in principle, they don’t want to. They have access to our city in a way we will never do. That will mean the chances they found out what is going on are bigger than for us, the “traditional” humans. If I want to make a leap of faith here, I will say they don’t care about it, in general. They are beyond the good and evil here. But does it mean they help them, or not? Does it mean my friend is aware of the plot?

I need to assume they are as human as we are. Corruptible, with independent thoughts. Therefore it is possible a small fraction of the Pioneers is actively supporting the plan. It is possible they have something they want, like a new, more friendly, colonizing target. Worst case scenario, from the small sample I have, I will say 50% of the Pioneers are in. All of them I met while going out were friendly, but I can’t discard that was a misinterpretation from my side. I can be very bad reading faces. On the other hand, most of the “traditionals” I met in random events (like in that official dinner half a year ago) do not consider the Pioneers as a part of our society. I could say 90%. Ignorance is a good seed for hate, and we definitely ignore what they are, that is, the guardians of our biosphere.

Where does this lead us, where do we end up? If I trust my guts, I need to tell my friend, as soon as possible, what is going on, and get him on my side, as soon as possible, as much as possible. If only I were not so dizzy…


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A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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