The Village

I cross the tunnel that is separating the ID control from the residential area not expecting anything. What I find is not disappointing.

The cave is so big, or it looks so big, that I don’t see the ceiling. The path ends in a kind of balcony that let me see the city below me. A pleyade of houses are shinning under my feet. They extend to the horizon. The sensation is of open air. It’s not that I know it, nobody here knows it, but you feel free in this area. Even the air smells different, more fresh, more natural. To my right, stairs are inviting me to go down. In front of me, a slope is doing the same. I look for the tube line, but I can’t find it. I see random moving lights, instead. Autos? It could be that the people move here by autos, as far as I know. I look above. There are shining dots, and shadows passing by. Holographic clouds and stars. Very impressive, and very superfluous. I guess, if you’re really homesick, you could feel better in such a neighborhood, but on the other hand, you have the VR. I know this feeling from VR. The only problem, maybe, it’s that I know VR is not real. But then, what’s real? Is an hologram more real than a VR scene?

Since there is no way to find out the way to her house, I simply go down the hill, enjoying the walk. Knowing that, in principle, normal people are not allowed to come here. This is a reservation for the millionaires that decided to emigrate from a dying Earth to an unknown future, and their descendants. It’s not my world, so to say.

I wonder if I can use my data glasses here. Still doubtful, I take them from my pocket and put them on. I give them her address, and I am relieved when I see a blue arrow overimposed in my field of view. So there is network here. Or let’s formulate it in another way: I can access to our data from here, can’t I? Just to confirm the connectivity, I ping with my sensors the public datasphere. I can ping. OK, then, but how about reaching me from outside?  I ask my home service to notify me they get my update, but the answer doesn’t come. So yes, there’s some kind of firewall, it’s not just Corps paranoia. Anyway, I do not need in most of the cases to be connected. I remember that was an issue for some of the XX century people, but not for me. If he or she is dead, it will remain dead. If it’s happening close to me, I will hear it. If there is a mystery to be solved, my speed arriving to the place will not change the solution. In most of the cases, nothing is more important that what you have around, what you can touch, what you can feel. The rest is just fiction. Some people could call me a reality freak, I prefer to be call realistic.


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