– Sorry but it’s the standard procedure. You don’t have a pass, so we need to ask you some questions before entering the residential area. – The robot in front of me was looking human enough to remind me of somebody. I know she’s a robot, but most of the visitors probably can’t tell the difference. – Why are you here?

– I’m visiting a friend – I gave her the coordinates. Something is flashing behind her counter. – She does expect me. I do not know the place, so I was thinking I can walk there.

– That’s right, sir. – The machine looks at me. Her eyes don’t blink, also, don’t move so much. It reminds me the mechanical puppets of the old movies. Basically, a plastic toy with human form. Far from the pleasure bots I know. Cold and mechanical. So cold, that it looks dead if it doesn’t speak, or move. Then she continues.- However, it’s not common. Visitors are either having their own pass, expended by their friends, or they arrange some kind of pick-up system. – The toy makes a break. I wonder if it’s sentient, or if it’s just calculating probabilities. More likely the second, I’m afraid. The whole concept of having an android, or a feminoid, controlling the access to a place for me looks wrong, anyway.- Sorry, sir, but you probably knew that already, being a member of the Corps. – I look around. There is a swarm of cameras, filming the scene as if I were a terrorist instead of a visitor. I nod. – Could you be so gentle to pass through this detector? Once we confirm you’re not a pawn of a third party, that is, that you’re who you claim to be, and that you don’t have any recording device, implant or electronics beyond the standard, you can enter. – She makes a break. Probably programmed to scare the shit out of the people not coming here for a noble purpose, so to say. I remember the words of my sensei, concerning the reason for having weapons, and I’m happy I didn’t bring mine. I advance through the small portal. There is a circle marked in the middle. I stay there. An arc above rotates slowly around me. While it rotates, the cameras fly away. I feel some tickles, that I link with being under a strong magnetic fields. Then the device stops spinning. I look a the robot girl. She nods.

– You’re free to go. Welcome to the Village.



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