It’s me

I’m proud of my life. I could say I’m happy with it. I achieved a point where I have challenges, like solving this case, but the challenges are not vital for my happiness. I know it’s a big responsibility and someone needs to do this job, but as my sensei said, I could always ask for help.

Do I look like a winner to the people that meet me? Do these commuters think when they see me something like “there it goes the King of the World” or it’s more like “what a self proud sucker”? I’m tempted to use my special credentials to peek on their private networks to find out the answers. But I don’t do it. The rest of the world lives on supported by our society, that, as my boss said, took us so long to build. They wake up at the beginning of their daily cycles, have some breakfast, then a good amount of interaction with our system, a good amount of self-purchased or self-found happiness, a bit of challenge, and back to bed. The next day the same. Repeat it until finishing, or making a break, or changing your role. If your role is abandoned for some reason, the society will find somebody to fill it up. It doesn’t look like a fulfilled life, but that is only on the surface, only at a personal level. The whole of it is for the Greater Good. Bits and bites build it all. I’m a happy citizen, living on a nice area, with a good and healthy bank account, and fully conscious of the crime scene. I have a very important role, that is to assure that nothing and nobody is breaking our rules.  I, a member of the Corps, can’t question our way of life. But I do, and I wonder how many of us do it also.


About bitsanddragons

A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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