I don’t take the tube in a daily basis. Therefore, I’m not familiar with it. I work from home, like most of the people. To be sincere, I don’t see the need of such a frequent run of connections between our different neighborhoods. But if you put it in perspective, it doesn’t matter. We don’t want to get money out of it. Who could use as as source of money the need of the person to move to a distant place? It’s my opinion, anyway, about the commuters. They do it because the need it. You don’t need to work, you have your basic salary, and your basic cubicle. You work because you need to do something, or because you need to achieve something. That something can be, of course, a better place to live, or a better car, or a better dress. Or the entrance to a place like the onsen, where we found the first body. But for most of the people I know, they work because you need to do it, you can’t simply enjoy your salary and your cubicle. To feel yourself a part of all, you need to create, in the open sense of the word. Cooking is creating. Restaurant can still attract a lot of people, since food replicators don’t have imagination. Poetry also. You may travel to find your muse. You need to travel, also, to check. For example, that the red light saying “infestation”, or “broken pipe” is a real one. Although you could send a robot to check these things. Also, you can go to parties. So who are these people in my wagon?

The robots maintain the tube. Therefore, it doesn’t need money to be maintained also. I think the builders (the Pioneers?) thought about it so well that the tube didn’t get an upgrade so far, meaning it has been running on like that for centuries, with robots digging the tunnels, placing the rails, and building the stations at cost zero for our communities. So far, so good.

I do not think there is no need for public transport. I myself don’t have a vehicle, but some people enjoy to have one. There is no better transport than the human body, and in such a small country (or this is how it looks like for me) it should be possible to reach all the places in a minimum time scale using the tube and a small walk.

My commuters don’t look special. My wagon is almost empty. There is this young guy, dressed in fashion, looking through the screens. Probably he’s going to visit a girl. I almost can smell it. The old lady with a purse, I imagine, is going either to the doctor or to visit the family. Those two, over there, look like they are going to explore a cave or something. Their clothes look functional and they seem to be discussing over a VR map. So all of them fit in my mind schemes of commuters. And then, it’s me.


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