Windows XP CSC bloating

I have an XP computer connected to a device. The XP computer allows AD login. It has a reasonable hard disk size for an XP computer, 320 GB, but each 3 months people get annoyed because the hard disks appear to be full. So they call me.

I didn’t configure the computer. But I know the device connected to it is not producing enough log files to fill 250 gB in 3 months. So why is the HD full from time to time? This time I decided to take it with me to the office (leaving the precious device off) and check in detail. The answer was easier than I expected, but cryptic: the enabled file cache when working offline is producing CSC files. You can find out in this link everything you need to know about the Windows CSC folder. There are plenty of answers to the question why is the Windows folder too large on the web. But you need to know about the issue exist on the first place.

So what to do to avoid that to happen?  Disable the offline files. It turned out that this operation is as quick as setting up an folder option. I will, anyway, never get the answer to the question why it was set up like that in the first place. I placed it like that on the lab, and all is calmed up to now. Next battle: upgrade the computer (and the 3000 euro software it carries) to Windows.7 😦


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