After party

I remember that now because it can be important.

– So you decided to contact me, after all. –

That was his first phrase when we met the next day. It sounded mysterious, and sincere. My new Pioneer friend had, as he explained me, several times before met people that were calling him friend one night, fiend the next. So he was gladly surprised I was not one of them. On my side, I must say I was hesitating to contact him after the first night of fun. My fear at that moment was of being misinterpreted as a gay, or something on that line. I knew he liked girls, but I was not sure he got my preferences. Don’t misunderstand me, my parents were gay, and I have nothing whatsoever again that sexual option. But I tend to like girls more. I guess everybody needs to take a side.

The place we met it’s irrelevant. I agreed on a popular area on that days, plenty of pubs, but safe enough, on Babylonia. I did know at that moment the existence of the LowLands, but as a newbie student, I was not brave enough to explore it. But let’s go to the facts I learned that day.

One: Pioneers are having longer lives than us. I don’t know how much longer, but longer.

Two: they call us traditionals. And they consider themselves the current humans. They somehow think that we are a branch of the mankind that resisted to evolve to a more practical level, more adapted to the interstellar media. I’m not going to discuss that now.

Three: they don’t have implants, neither personal networks. But they do interact with our networks. How they do that, I can only speculate. My guess is that they have at home nice body scanners, or a haptic surface, or something on that line. But nothing attached, nothing movable as we have. As far as I remember from the history books, people in the past were even interacting with the network using physical keyboards only. I could realize that, I think, and he didn’t speak to me through a keyboard when we fixed the appointment. These kind of things can be quickly pinpointed. I think.

Four: they don’t have jobs, as we do. Everybody knows how to do everything. They call it the multitasking advantage. So they do this or that, as requested: fix a pipe, dig a hole, build a park. They are very good on those things, building habitats. How they learn that, I have no idea. Maybe they use the same mysterious haptic space they use to interact with our networks. I do think they are not greedy, and you will not find them living on the Village, for example. Therefore they can live with the default salaries, or maybe, get the missing credits by doing some maintenance job, or borrow them from other pioneers if needed.

Five: they don’t have government, but they do recognize ours. And I can almost assure you that this is not exactly true, because from later conversations I found out that they meet from time to time to discuss things. How big are this meetings, or who’s going to them, remains a mystery also. Maybe I should ask my boss about that. Or even better, I will directly ask him about it.

What the hell, maybe I should ask him to help me to solve the crimes.



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