– What are you going to do with her? She’s not dead, right?

– Also not alive, my dear colleague. – I’m pretty sure my sensei is being ironic there.- If we refer to the books, “any entity able to think, express his, her or its opinion in any way, and interact beyond the Turing thresholds will be considered alive by the law, and treated as alive under all effects”. I don’t think she’s able to express any opinion anymore.

– But we don’t know if she’s able to think.

– Good point. – He seems to hesitate.- Well, we have her cyberspace. We should perform an autopsy over her personal network. Maybe there is residual activity, somewhere. Maybe even she managed to save a running copy of her memories, somewhere. Maybe it’s very interesting to have a look to what she recorded. If she recorded something. Also, we need to check her contacts. – He smiles at me. I feel a warm wave of reassurance. I’m not as bad Cop as I think. We stare at each other’s eyes for more than a minute, ignoring the body close by. His eyes are completely dark, I can’t appreciate any movement on his pupils. They are so dark they look dead. My warm wave is gone. Now I’m concerned. Then he speaks.- Can you take it from here?

– Of course I can.-  There was no other answer possible. He then crosses his hands in his back, looks down, adjusts his sandals, and heads in the direction of the door.

– So when do you expect to have some results for me? – He suddenly turns and look at me. His eyes are so sharp that I feel like being impaled by cold icy black nails. – You know, some people are starting to realize that the investigation is not going as fast as it should. Do you need some help? I gave you already a weapon, do you want something else?

– No, I’m fine.- I don’t know what to ask for. A mate? A personal camera? A cloaking device?  He seems to change his mind and with parsimonious steps comes closer to me. I’m petrified.

– There is no dishonor on asking for help if you need it. – For some reason, he is now whispering to my ear. His head is 5 centimeters away. I smell a faint curious scent, that reminds me when we were together at the onsen, when everything started. Like a mixture of bamboo and wet hair. – This is a very complicated issue. And we don’t want to loose control over it. Do you understand? – I nod, slowly. He retreats. The smell is gone. – Well, well. Then, I definitely don’t have any more business here. We have faith in your capabilities. Your scores are the best. You will solve it at one point. But I can help you with the number crunching. I’m your colleague, and your problems are my problems. – He’s abandoning the room. I see only a part of his back, when he shouts back. – Contact me as soon as you have some news ! – And he’s gone.



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