Bad news

– Thank you for coming so fast. – My boss requested my presence, and in the current situation I had no excuse but to come. – We have here another body. I didn’t want to tell you through the network, just in case the news are intercepted.

I got the message from him right before I was ready to start again with my list. It was short and clear: we need you here. I was requested to go to another location in my neighborhood. I didn’t know what to expect. But I didn’t have the mood to investigate the media before arriving. The place happened to be a standard, middle class, one-store-five-rooms apartment. The profile of an inhabitant of these kind of flats are educated people, with a more-or-less healthy bank account. Like myself. No squatters, neither Pioneers, nor social workers. Also, not a banker. Bankers are more likely to live in the Village.

– As you see, there’s nothing unusual here. – There was a woman laying on the sofa. Over the table close by, a lot of paper magazines, an empty bottle of whiskey, a couple of crystal objects and some dirty dishes. On the corner, close to the kitchen, was exposed a red and shiny last-model multi purpose 3D printer that I could never buy with my salary. The kitchen table was clean, whatever that meant. The appartment was exuding class but not money. Let’s say it was classy but not pretentious. – She’s alive, if you ask me the question. – I was about to. – And that was a surprise. – My boss walked around, touching in a delicate way this object here, that floating screen over there. – We were called by her institution when she didn’t arrive in time, first time in cycles. – He took something looking like a very complicated glass of wine, smell it, and left it exactly in the same place. – They suspected something always. She has an history, you know. – I dont. – Once she managed to cook the brain of her boyfriend. – I smile. She’s beautiful, but I don’t know if enough to fight for her. – But you can read her historial later. I could even recommend to read it, since it’s quite interesting. – My boss walks around, like if the condo is his new domain. He goes to the kitchen table, touches it with his index, look at his index, and cleans it on his police kimono while making a disapproving face. – So the facts. In the last 500 cycles, she never arrived later than expected. She was a model worker, never late, never angry. But you need more than punctuality and efficiency to clean your history, so she was being watcher. We had a camera permanently over her on the public areas. But today, even two hours after the time her office opens, she was missing, and not detected by cameras closeby. So they called us.

– Nothing unusual there, also – I ventured to say. I went closer to her and took her pulse. The heart was beating. Her eyes were blinking. Apart from that, she was a toy.

– The unusual thing is her state. It looks like all her nervous system is gone. – The eyes of my boss are on fire. I think he enjoys it, despite of his age. – Not only the spinal cord, or the brain, but all of it. Wiped out. Under all effects, this is no more smart tissue. – I poke her. – Your ugly carpet probably has more connections than this body.

– How this thing happened? – I don’t expect an answer, otherwise I’m not called to come.

– We don’t know. The cameras, as before, didn’t find out anything irregular. – He takes the decorated glass wine again. –  But it can be done, of course. You just need the right technology. And if somebody thought about it, it’s possible to buy it. The million credit questions are: who wanted her dead so badly that he or she poisoned her? and more important, why?


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