This is not going well. I don’t do it to reach a million readers, but I need a few to continue writing in a daily basis. That was why my other blogs died. Alright, I’m not being fair, livejournal died, and B2B was not maintained alone, so I don’t feel 100% guilty of that one. The only one that is still going well seems to be sociedadtecnologica. It’s a multiple-partnership enterprise, it’s in Spanish, and I’m not even a frequent collaborator. So I don’t know if it counts. Long story short, and I know I contradict myself when previously said that I’m going to post more varied things, but I may reduce the frequency of my posts. After all, I started this as a personal bitacora, not as a literary blog. Although it’s nice it can become, at one point, a literary blog. But more than a literary blog I think I will manage to get a literary graveyard of my previous publications. See you around.


About bitsanddragons

A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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