I studied criminology. So I’m supposed to know the techniques to find a criminal, to find out why he did it, and how to prevent something like this to happen again. What I don’t know is how fast I’m supposed to go from point one to point three, that is, to write down measures to prevent the same to happen again. After all, this is my first case, and I’m not even alone on it. What I know is that, sometimes, to have a nice party helps to settle down the facts, and to look to the problem from a different perspective. At least in my case.

So how do I see the case now? I have two bodies. OK, or two dead identities. I have a theory, that is not bad. Although it’s  highly improbable, I think, both girls were killed by the same agent and the same reasons. So I definitely need to find a connection point between both lives. I have a list of suspects, that I need still to finish analyzing. But I have no witnesses, no recordings, nothing. That is weird, and if I ask the records, also highly unlikely. Maybe I need to change my role and start playing the bad cop. Maybe I need to visit the Golden Rabbit. Even alone. I hate my boss.


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