A philosophical question

– You know, my friend, that not everybody is like you. In fact, most of the people are not like you. They care about traditions, they don’t like new things – I think of my boss – they avoid changes. The reason for coming here was probably noble, but it’s long time ago gone. – My friend sips his drink, looking in front of him, sitting by my side. I see his profile only. His eyes are probably not with me at this moment. He continues.- That reason was lost in the first years, when your people, OK, the traditionalist (I don’t want to include you on the group but you are not one of us) saw what we did and decided that we made it for them. They assumed that, since we were here already,  and we were not building fences or walls, we were not interested. Or something like that. It is an argument used long time ago also on Earth, to take ownership over the land of the tribes that were using them. All the colonial forces did it. It took the tribes around a century to find out that what they did wrong.  They shared the land for a cheap exchange of technology, like a rifle, or a bunch of cheap jewels. That was not the right approach with invaders. Because this is what they were, invaders. It happened in Africa. It happened in America. It happened several times, and it has been always silenced by the traditionals. Forgotten. Deleted. – He hits the bar. His beer falls, but a new one comes quickly. Even the barman seems to be hearing his speech. –  It’s tradition to teach your culture to people with lower technological level. It’s tradition to take ownership over their lands, if they are not knowing the economical value of it, or the strategical position. And I must say, it does not need to be a bad habit. Knowledge is freedom. The real question is, were you (sorry, your grand-grand-grand-parents) invaders or people like us? Were they considering us, pioneers, wild indians of the planet, instead of humans like them?

– Do you know the answer to that question? – I venture to ask.

– I don’t know. – He hesitates. – But if I know, does it matter? Now the world is like it is, and we can’t come back in time and change what your ancestors did, can we?  We must live with it. Actually, we pioneers live with it, but a lot of your people don’t. – I see him getting darker and darker. – Fortunately, here we don’t have a problem with the space. If we don’t like our neighbours, we can simply send a robot to find a cave and start there a new settlement. We are very lucky with this planet. – I make a note on my cyberspace to investigate around that statement. – We have plenty of space, plenty of resources, for the moment. Like in the Wild West, we just need to saddle a horse and walk away – We both laugh. I never saw a life-size horse, although I heard they exist. – But one need to remember that, after the Wild West time, only a few native americans remained alive. Remember El Alamo.  – Actually I don’t. I make another note to read about it later.- And after that, there was a civil war. And two World Wars. So who wants to fight?


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