The Bardo

She was enjoying it. Even when she saw her body falling under her. The Other Side was at this moment like a superimposed picture, like when you try to watch two programs at the same time, one screen over the other. There were big structures over there, maybe a klick away, and there were moving things. A lot of them. And they didn’t have human shapes. Well, at least, they were humanoid: here there was a head, and those where arms with hands at the end. Little by little, the Other Side started gaining consistency, until it was her room the one that was looking like a superimposed picture. Time to make a move, she thought. The creatures around her, despite of being horrifying, were not paying her attention. There, more or less matching the North, there was a pyramid, with a glowing sun on the top. What was that? She looked up, to the sky. The view was intoxicating. Other spheres were covering the sky, that was bright orange, like if they were all a few seconds after the Big Bang. On the spheres it was possible to distinguish, even from the distance, organized movement. There were wars there. Spiritual wars. She decided to go to the pyramid, and at the same instant she thought about it, the space appeared to fold itself to help her to reach it. The pyramid was looking much more bigger from the base. Or maybe that was also a state of mind. She thought about making it smaller, but no success. The glowing tip was at the same distance than before. So there was no option but to float to the top.

On the way up, she saw other souls, like rag dolls, floating down. Were they done with the lifecycle? Did they manage to fulfill their goals?  She tried to grab one of the spirits. It melted on her hands, and disappeared with a silent hiss. Another one gave a similar result. Where they people? Or only shadows? Why was she going up, to be deployed of intelligence and be converted into a shadow? But it was too late to complain, too late to doubt. If this was the Bardo, she will now reach her goal and ascend to the next level of existence. Or not?

The light of the top of the pyramid suddenly became darkness. Something was happening. She fell her light floating body sucked into the darkness. And now? Was she being rejected? Or more the opposite, being directed to another place? She fought for what was feeling like eons, then she floated to the black hole, defeated. The hole swallowed her.

The pain was intense inside. So intense, that she was not able to describe it in another way but removing the skin and applying extreme heat to each of her exteroceptors. An extreme and detailed torture, to a cellular level. For a hundred years she suffered in the darkness, trying to think about how to escape from that hole. And then, she woke up, back in her room, the printed cup she made before, with the remnants of the blue dream and whisky laying on the floor, close to her. She tried to reach it. But her limbs didn’t seem to obey her orders anymore. She tried to shout. But her tongue didn’t move.


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A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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