Running appion tools on CentOS 7

Again I have something to debug. I like debugging, it’s like sculpting: you need to be careful not to destroy more than what you remove. So we have this set of specific programs (appion) some of them python-based, most of them old (circa 2010) that need to run on a modern server/modern system. In our case, this is CentOS 7.2. I built a module on a test machine, and now I try to run it on a test server. This is the story of that module.

  • Error one: GUI of old program doesn’t show up. Importerror no module named tkinter
yum install tkinter --> OK
  • Error two: python module missing. ImportError: No module named numpy
yum install python-pip
pip install numpy  --> OK
  • Error three:  running over data. ImportError: No module named MySQLdb
yum install mysql-devel gcc gcc-devel python-devel
pip install mysql-python --> OK
  • Error four: analyzing data. ImportError: No module named scipy.fftpack
yum install scipy-0.12.1-3.el7.x86_64 --> OK
  • Error five: importing an image from the data. ImportError: No module named PIL
pip install image
...some stuff here
Successfully installed django-1.10.3 image-1.5.5 pillow-3.4.2 --> OK
  • Error six: parallel processing. ImportError: No module named joblib
yum install python-imaging
pip install joblib  --> OK
  • Error seven: ImportError: No module named numextension.

The rest of the packages are appion-specific and I copy from an “old” SL7 machine that I happened to have with a running appion system. After that, the test scripts seem to run, provided the data is not there 🙂

In general, to know where the python package sits or if the package is available, you need to open python and import the package. Example:

>>> import PIL
>>> from PIL import Image
>>> print Image.__file__



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