Friends (III)

I am cooked when we leave the door of the ExMundi. But I’m able to speak. I follow my friend, since this is his neighborhood, to a new bar he knows, tumbling across the badly illuminated streets. We speak about previous meetings. What happened to that girl, do you know what is this man doing, these kind of gossips. Basically, he asks and I answer. I am tempted to suggest him to to go to the Golden Rabbit. On one hand, maybe it’s a good idea to go with such a bodyguard, on the other, I don’t really want to involve him on my business more than he wants to. And I’m drunken, so my ability to solve mysteries as a member of the Corps that I am, if it exist, if not nullified, is irrelevant at this moment.

The new place is called the Shark.  It looks marine, somehow. Not that I know how the see looks like, but this is the general sensation. Thanks to the blue light, I can’t say if the people around me are traditionals or pioneers.

– I always wanted to ask you something, – it’s now or never – how old are you?

– What do you think? – he answers back – And more important, does it matter?

– You know how old I am. I think you saw me getting old. But I don’t know about you. I remember when we met, and where we met, and you still look like then, more or less. That was right after I starting studying! So long time ago.

– You know, we are not like you – I think he’s not offended, just making the point. – What for you comes by allocation, we need to buy. – He’s not anymore looking at me. – It’s historically unfair that we built this world, but you use it. – I let him explain.- The question should not be how old are we, but how many of us have died while building a nice environment for you.

– But that was why you were designed, in the first place. To be strong enough to cope with harsh environment like our word when you arrived. – I hesitate to continue playing with these subjects, since they are sensible matters and I know how strong he is.  – You should be proud of what you did. This world is beautiful!  – I wave my hands around. The result makes him laugh loud.

– Yes, beautiful.  But not for us. Sometimes I wonder why we voted to stay. – I hear this thing for the first time. So they voted to remain here? – We could have left the tunnels and the life support up and running, and run ourselves to another planet. Yes, to another planet. – He finishes his drink and place it noisily over the bar. The barman (a pioneer?) place two more drinks in front of us, so I gulp mine.

–  I guess that was no good moment to vote such a thing – I think I’m too drunken to connect the words the way they sound like in my head. – It’s the same for some artists, they are reluctant to share their works because they don’t do it for the world. – I look at my glass. – They do it for them. The problem was, most probably, that you were not really waiting us when you voted to stay. – He follows my words with interest. – You wanted the world for you. You thought there was no humanity coming, sorry, no traditionals coming. But they were coming, just later than expected.


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