Friends (II)

– Hey man.

– Hey you – I say back. I’m sitting over a stone under the pale ambient light coming from the top, drinking a canned beer. I decided to walk from the Pioneers square to the ExMundi, that is, all the way through the Lowlands, just to find out it was closed.

– Did you know about this? – I look at my friend. He was not as massive as other Pioneers, and under a certain light, he would definitely look like a traditional human. This is how they call us, “traditionals”. And most of us are.

– Sure. I predicted it. – He smiles. His teeth shine in the gloom. I don’t know if he’s joking when he says these kind of things. – Seriously, I just came to see your face when you find out the place is closed.

– Now you see it. – It’s my time to smile.- So what do we do now? Care to join me for a first beer in this corner? – He nods, and smiles again. I hand him a can (actually I bought a six-pack when I found the place was closed) and get a new one for me. Both cans hiss with a few seconds of difference.

– Cheers man. – We toast for nothing. – So what do you do in my neighborhood? Last time you called me you were desperate with those exams and you wanted to party. What happened? Did you pass? – I grab my Cops ID, and give it a thought. But if I don’t trust my friends, who will I trust? Slowly, I show it to him. His eyes grow big.

– Wow. Definitely I didn’t predict this one – He looks genuinely surprised. – Congratulations, I suppose. So are you here on a business trip? – This is what surprise me of the Pioneers, sometimes they ask the right questions. That is a very important ability for a cop, as you can imagine.

– You could call it that way. – Again I hesitate, but again I choose to trust him. I’m going to tell him everything. – I’m working on a case…the ambassador’s attaché. – He emits a whistling sound. – And somehow that case brought me here. But I didn’t call you for that. He laughs, and elevates the can in the air. Then he gulps ostentatiously the rest of content, and smash it easily with one bare hand, dropping the corpse on the floor afterwards.

– Good, because I’m also having a hard time, and I could use a few more beers and an old friend to cry about. – This time we both laugh.- So where do we start drinking? Of course, after finishing up these babies here. – He does a gesture to indicate my beer pack. Fortunately, I’ve been training to drink like a Pioneer.


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