Friends are somehow overrated in the digital era. In our world, with our technology, if we want to speak about something we can do it over our cyberspace, to the point of making it something indistinguishable from a real person in a virtual space. It’s even better, since the computer program will be able to tune itself to your preferences, while on the other hand the real person is not going to. So what’s the current value of having a friend or two? Despite of all the simulations, the brain-to-brain communication, and so on, the best experience is still, for most of the people, to interact with a real human being. I consider myself an average citizen, and I tried most of the common protocols. So I know what I say. There’s nothing more real than the real. But also, there’s nothing more disappointing. Starting with drinking. The virtual beer is supposed to be “as we remember it” from Earth, since it’s a mashup of recorded memories of beers around the history, but if you ask me, the local brand, the real thing, what you get on the average pub there at the Low Lands, is highly superior.

So I still enjoy going out in the real world with friends, when they are available. When they are not, we drink virtual drinks, together with a mass of other users. But I do care my real friends, who are able to evaluate the pleasures and the dangers of looking for a place to drink in an uncharted area. People with whom I arrange appointments, and we wander around until we find it. The place to drink, the place to enjoy reality. Usually I manage to engage only one of these friends. And one of these friends, that I like to meet, happened to be a Pioneer. As far as I know, a standard one, but we don’t speak about these things when we’re drinking. I don’t care if he can see the future, what I care, is if he decides my ¬†decision of not monitoring how many we drunk already is going the change the end of the universe, or something like that.

– Let’s meet tonight – I record in his cyberspace. – I will pick you up at the esplanade in front of the ExMundi. If you can’t come, let me know, otherwise, I’ll wait you with a drink.


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One Response to Friends

  1. darnantes says:

    Nice. I like real friends. I moved away from the digital area (facebook and co.). Somehow I did not manage to trust this digital world where it is so easy to fake happiness and to be more cheerful than what we really are. For me the real friends are those who take the time to find a place to meet you and who give you some hours of their life for a drink or something else without doing anything else.
    Take care.


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