Another bit bites the dust

I need to remark that my bits are for me, in principle. I’m happy you read them, but I want to write them because they are a reference of my work, or an open question to myself.

I was wondering, right now, what is happening with all that Elektroschrott that I throw away when I do so. Is it really recycled? My problem is, when some electronic gadget doesn’t work my first thought is not to throw it away, but to repair it. The problem of the world today is: how to repair a piece of technology that has basically, not movable parts or no way to open it? For example, the “new” laptops: if they are a little bit thinner, they will be transparent. I opened one of them by request of the owner the other month and what I saw inside was a solid PCB: no movable parts. A couple of years ago, parts were still movable. How am I supposed to expand or repair something like that? Yes, I’m referring to it. Another question in the same line is: what do I do with something that works, but doesn’t follow the current standards?  For example, a Windows XP PC, or an “old” android tablet? We were paying a lot for those gadgets, not only for the software, and nowadays, it’s not so easy to resell them for a good price, because, depending on your area, they can be now as useful as a brick. And I’m not saying bricks are not useful, I’m just saying they are expensive bricks.

Tomorrow I will write more literature. If you can call literature what I write, of course.


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A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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