The report

To start with the day, I check my notes. First on the files comes the report I asked my cyberspace to save me about the negotiations with the Pioneers. I do remember something on the windowtv, when heading to the Docks, saying that they already failed. Here’s the thing. They are not welcomed amongst us. They are officially having the same rights, of course, but we don’t mix up. Well, I mix up, but most of the people not, as far as I remember. So what are these negotiations with them than failed?

I watch the video at double speed. I’m not interested on knowing the opinion of the people, I look for the crude facts. An increasing population of Pioneers is asking for a law of positive discrimination. I find it logical, but apparently our leaders not. Instead, they propose to help them (us?) to build a new settlement on the newly discovered caves, on the other side of the planet. Which means, if you ask me, a proposal of deportation of all the Pioneers to another city. I’m not surprised the negotiations failed.

But what’s the real power the Pioneers are having? I remember seen them working everywhere. Not in public positions, thought. Neither on TV. If I were a Pioneer and I don’t want to suffer the feeling of being different, I could cook some kind of… shadow government. They can’t be there already, otherwise, the negotiations should not have failed, as they did. Or maybe that’s why they failed. Or maybe they failed because now the Pioneers have a different Interlocutor, a new ambassador.

Or maybe I’m suffering conspiranoia. I’ll park this thought and have a look to it later, after a wider research. If the ambassador’s attache was connected with some political war, what’s the connection of the second girl?


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