She’s gone. And I don’t know what to do next. Shall I continue checking the list of my boss? I can’t stop thinking about her. The perspective of invading the cyberspace of other girls seems wrong for me at this moment. So what can I do? I can’t go to the Golden Rabbit alone, can I? I wonder how busy is really that place. I managed once or twice to go to one of these “non-indexed” pubs when I started my studies… in the time I was a frequent visitor of the ExMundi also. I remember it as always crowded. And despite it was not exactly weird, the people there were…different. They even used coins to buy drinks. I think. I don’t remember, thought, what happened at the end to that place, and to that people. Probably the place was demolished. Maybe the people moved to the Golden Rabbit. The thing is, I was not feeling safe there. Specially freaky was that tall and thin barman with the super long arms…and the square-looking Pioneer at the door of the dunkelraum. Also the decoration. So many mirrors.. and the sensation, over all, of being outside. The sensation of being helpless. But now everything is different, to the point that I even have a gun. Yes I have. And I know how to use it. But I don’t know what it does. Shit.

I vote then for taking a shower and, after that, have another look to the problem.


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A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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