Not impressed

Yes, it was kind of disappointing once assembled. The gun was looking more like a childish water gun, one of these you need to squeeze to shoot a thin ray of water. The bright colors of the different pieces were also not helping to make it look impressive. After all, a gun needs to look impressive, right? The aim is to scare the person in front of you. I remember now with love the big and silvery models I used at the academy. But maybe that was the point in this case. If somebody sees me with such a thing, they will not consider it, they will not consider me dangerous. After this funny idea of looking dangerous (am I looking dangerous in general? I need to check that later) I press the little knob to switch it on and grab it as suggested. It feels organic in my right hand. It gets quickly warmer, and then, in the blink of an eye, it seems to melt, the handler is wrapped around my hand, and the canyon attached to my index and middle finger. And I’m pointing around with it. The whole weapon became like an extension of my hand! How can I free me from this?

I realized I’m tense. So I relax. Automatically, the gun releases my hand, and comes back to its innocence-looking state. Now I understand the “plastic fluid” part. I try again, I gently squeeze the handle, and I feel again the shot of adrenaline. When I look at my hand, the gun is in shooting state. I point around. Shall I try to shoot something? The thing was not coming with anything that I could recognize as bullets, so I don’t know what kind of ammunition it shoots, also the effect of it. I should ask my boss, next time I have a chance. But since I’m not expecting the need to shoot, I guess it’s not so important. I store it in my pocket and try to forget about it.


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